Geraldine O'Riordan

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River Lee Project

This work emerges from my experience of Cork City as a lifeworld, and specifically, the changing nature of that lifeworld. The layered unfolding of its landscape, its interaction with the passing of time is one that inspired me. With it comes an organic development to the architectural shape and fabric of the city, one that is interwoven into the experience of daily life for its residents. My paintings bring this passage of time to the fore, as represented by the heightened play of light, colour and shadow, calling to mind the transient nature of our experience. The River Lee symbolises an essential element of city life - interplaying with my vision as a painter; it has become the backdrop against which my sense of the excitement and delight of the City are played out, enabling me to express something of what we are, and the role that our environment plays for us. The solid quay walls tell their own story. They are a stable, solid and unchanging factor. Above them things are happening...

4 North Mall
50x50 cm
Acrylic on Linen